About Keel HSE Management Inc.


Keel HSE Management Inc's fundamental purpose is to bring value to our clients through our expertise, trust, reliability and the quality of our services. Accordingly, our services and the manner in which we deliver these services are based on the following:

  • Client Satisfaction
  • Protection of the Natural Environment
  • Ensuring Public & Workers Health and Safety

QHSSE Advisory Services

On a project by project basis, Keel HSE Management Inc. is available to provide QHSSE and regulatory affairs to a firm or organization that does not have the requirement for full time staff.

  • Development, audit and review of QHSSE Management Systems
  • Ensure regulatory compliance
  • Preparation of QHSSE management plans, policies and procedures
  • Prepare EIAs, EPPs, EMPs, WMPs, emergency and spill contingency plans, safety plans
  • Organise and conduct stakeholder engagements and consultations
  • Conduct surveys, audits and inspections
  • Counter surveillance services
  • Provide site security, risk and threat level assessments, security management planning
  • Executive protective services
  • Develop security procedures and training security officers
  • Weapons and tactical training for military, police and private security
  • Analyzing current operation for food hazards and identifying requirements to become HACCP compliant
  • Development of HACCP plans and conducting pre-HACCP audits
  • Implementation of SQF Systems
  • Identify and assess potential food safety hazards and quality defects at all links in the food supply chain
  • Workshop and training on women's and men's health inside and outside of the workplace

Since entering the consulting service business in 1987, Susan Belford assisted a diverse range of industries with their project approvals, development and management. These clients include offshore petroleum exploration, development and production; mining; submarine telecommunications cables; pulp and paper mill operations; sewage treament facilities; coastal thermal electrical generating stations; residental and commercial land development; dredging and disposal of marine sediments; golf courses; military operations; oil spill and hazardous materials contingency plans. Susan has a Master of Science from the Institute of Petroleum Engineering at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland, and an Honours Bachelor Science in Marine Biology from Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She has certificates in NEBOSH (IGC and ITCOG) and a certified lead auditor in ISM, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OSHA 18001.

In 2010, Belford started her firm to offer project management, quality assurance and quality control, safety culture training, technical writing, environmental and safety inspections and audits to contribute to internal QHSSE management systems, strategic planning; design and conduct of field surveys and resource inventories; environmental assessments; environmental monitoring; logistics, contracting, provide specific expertise in applications of environmental regulations, acts, policies and guidelines; contract negotiation; regulatory affairs; permit applications; stakeholder consultations and engagement; senior technical peer review; subcontractor management; and budgetary control.

Ken Jones - Ken is based in the USA with 20 years of HSE experience and expertise as a Safety Professional with diversified experience in the Nuclear Industry; Petroleum Chemical Industry; Construction, Emergency Operations; Research and Development; Food Processing; Occupational, Environmental, Competitive Intelligence, and Industrial Hygiene; and Quality Control and Assurance. He has a Bachelor of Science in Business and Chemistry from Houghton College, NY, and is a certified lead auditor in ISM, ISO9001, certified DPA and accredited SQF. Ken's military experience in the United States Navy and a Commissioned Officer in the New York Guard brings expertise in security management and training.

Fedrison Jagessar - Fred is based in Trinidad & Tobago. His QHSSE experience spans a decade of involvement starting with areas such as environmental management with the management of a Land Farming Project from 1996 to 1998 (Neal and Massy and Kaizen a Canadian based Firm together with the Alberta Research Council for the GORTT). Projects such as the pit remediation (for Trinmar Limited) at Parrylands and at Trinmar's Main Tank Battery in Point Fortin added to his experience in environmental management. He is a Certified STOW HSE Management System Auditor II, ISM Auditor, and Accredited Advanced Safety Auditor with Extensive Safety Training (OSHA General Industry, Construction, Process Safety, and Hazwoper) and is experienced with (ISO 9000, ISO14000 and OHSAS 18002-2000) Management Systems, Implementation and Auditing Procedures. He is also an authorized US Department of Labor - Outreach Instructor/Trainer for the General Industry Safety Program since 2003. Mr. Jagessar has worked with numerous companies both locally and internationally having close working relationships and contacts with several Canadian companies. From 1996, he has supported several Companies in the process of understanding the need for a structured approach to QHSSE Management as part of the objective of Total Quality Management. Client support has ranged from Systems Reviews to Full Implementation of QHSSE Management Systems. From the University of West Indies, Fred has a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Management, a Master of Science in Agriculturasl Economics and Planning, and a Master of Science in Environmental Management.